Professional Label Printer

The versatile Brother QL-700 is a professional label printer offering easy to use software and integration with Microsoft Office Applications, for all labelling requirements.


  • Plug in and label (no software installation required)
  • Print up to 93 labels per minute and up to 300 x 600 dpi resolution
  • Built in automatic cutter
  • Includes 2 rolls of label, software and cables

Simply plug in and start labelling immediately

The Brother QL-700 label printer offers an easy way to print professional labels for a wide range of uses throughout the workplace. Brother has made label printing easier than ever by incorporating “P-Touch Editor Lite” label design software inside the QL-700. Windows users simply need to connect the USB cable and run the software that appears in the pop up message. Then design and print your label. No software or drivers need to be installed.

Connect the USB cable

When connected to your PC, the QL-700 is identified as a USB flash drive and a new drive letter appears on your screen. This contains the label design software.

Run the built in label design software

Double click on the P-Touch Editor Lite icon to launch the label design software. As this is built in to the Brother QL-700 it is always available on any PC you plug into.

Design and print your label

Simply design your label by adding text, graphics and frames and then print. No software is installed to your PC during this process.

Also included is the Professional P-Touch Editor Software

The more powerful P-Touch Editor software is supplied on a CD ROM, which is installed in the standard way. Offering integration with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. You can print labels directly from these applications. Simply highlight the address, text or information you require, the click the P-Touch icon in the toolbar to print your labels. You can include barcodes, graphics, frames and other information on your labels.

Effortless label printing for all applications

The Brother QL-700 uses Brother DK Labels and Tape rolls. Supplied on a spool that incorporates a roll guide, ensures that the label is always installed correctly. It also recognises the label size. Operators get non of the alignment problems associated with printing labels with traditional printer. So whether you are printing just one label or several at a time, the Brother QL-700 ensures each label prints perfectly, time after time.


The Brother QL-700 is available from JNS Technologies, for more information contact or 011 425 5439