How to make a website or blog

How often have you wondered how you could have your own website or blog? Searching on the net you get many posts, websites and adds telling you how much it would cost. Not many explain step by step what is needed to eventually have your own website or blog. In this article I hope to explain really how simple the process is and the costs involved.

What is needed to have a website or blog

A website consists of 3 things and they are:

  • Domain name
  • Webhosting
  • Files (files is the website itself)


What is a domain? The domain is the name you see in your browsers address area. This domain’s name is Lavrontech as you can see above – You will need to register a domain name for your planned website. The price to register the domain varies on the extension you require ie. A extension will cost you R79 in 2017, this is a yearly fee to register your domain initially and then every year after that.

How do you register the domain? Quite an easy process, all you have to do is contact myself or JNS Technologies directly and we will register your domain for you. This domain will be registered in your name and is yours until you cancel it or fail to pay the yearly registration fee.

Contact me to get more information on the available extensions and their price.

Web Hosting

What is web hosting? Simply put – you need a company with a server connected to the internet permanently. There are quite a few web hosting companies in South Africa. I personally purchase web hosting for myself and my clients through JNS Technologies. There are quite a few packages available to us with different options and prices.

It is not necessary to pay large amounts of money if you only want a small personal website or blog with fewer features than is needed for large company websites with 100 email boxes etc. I am able to offer you hosting starting from R29 per month for a starter website or blog. If you need more space or feel the need to upgrade to a larger package, there is no hassle, you can be upgraded to a larger package and pay the new monthly fees with no disruption to your site.

Email Addresses

Each domain and depending on the hosting package contains available email addresses at the domain name. As an example – if you have registered the domain and your name is John, you can have the email address

The number of email addresses available to you depends on the hosting package you have purchased. The R29 Micro hosting package includes 1 email address and the largest Master package for R439 includes 1000 email addresses.

If you are on a package and need extra email addresses but don’t want to upgrade your package then you can purchase at a minimum monthly cost of R12 an extra email address.

Contact me for more information or answers to questions you may have.

Your Website

Now that you have your own domain and have purchased a hosting package you are ready to develop your own web site, or to get someone to help you. The most common platform that is being used for websites and blogs is WordPress. All the packages available from myself and JNS Technologies contain at least 1 SQL database (Smallest package) which allows you to load and install WordPress.

Don’t let the above put you off, it is way simpler than it sounds, I am also willing to load the WordPress installation and configure it for you. Once this is up and running you can log into your site and start building. WordPress is a FREE platform available to all that want to use it. This site is using WordPress with a free theme. The site of JNS TEchnologies is also running WordPress. The possibilities with WordPress are endless!

If you have all of the above ready and you are battling to create or develop your site, do not stress! I can help you get started and do the initial building or completely do the site at a nominal price. I can do a small blog or website for a once off price starting at R600 for a very simple site.

Eventually – your own website or blog

Lets re-cap, you have purchased your domain for R79 and it is ready to use. You have purchased a monthly hosting plan R59 for the mini package. You are able to create your own wordpress site (No cost) or need help (Starting at R600). Initially you are looking at a startup of R738 or R138 if you do the development yourself.

The monthly hosting fees can be paid yearly which will give you some savings.

Contact me as soon as you are ready to own your own website, with our help it really is simple!